Are Casino No Deposit Bonuses Worth Your Time

Are Casino No Deposit Bonuses Worth Your Time

Online casinos offer bonuses to encourage players to make deposits. The most-common of these rewards is a welcome bonus, which offers free money to new players who sign up and make a deposit.

Welcome bonuses are certainly nice, because they give you an opportunity to earn free money through your play. The only catch is that you must make a deposit to be eligible for these bonuses.

This doesn't stop many online casino players from chasing deposit bonuses. But there are plenty of players who'd like to earn free cash without risking their own money. And you can find this in the form of a no deposit bonus, which we're going to discuss below.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus is just how it sounds in that you get a casino bonus without having to deposit. This is obviously an attractive offer, because you're receiving free money to play real money casino games.

Contrast this to the standard practice of playing free casino games, where you only have a chance to win play money credits. A no deposit bonus, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to win money without spending anything.

The size of a no deposit bonus varies based on the casino and what promotion they’re currently offering. Generally, these bonuses are worth between $5 and $20.

This isn't very big in comparison to casino deposit bonuses. But most players don't mind when considering that they’re getting a free reward.

How Do You Get a Casino No Deposit Bonus?

The first thing that you must do to get a deposit bonus is find an online casino that's offering one. Not all internet casinos feature these bonuses, because they stand a chance of losing money without players having to risk anything.

Nevertheless, this is still a popular promotion that you'll find at many internet casinos. Most casinos will proudly display these bonus offers on their homepage. This makes it easy for you to quickly find the bonus offer and precede to getting it.

If you don't see a no deposit bonus listed on the homepage, you can always look in the promotions sections. Also note that you can do a Bing or Google search for casinos that offer these bonuses. This is a good idea if you don't know where to begin when searching for no deposit bonuses.

Once you find a casino that's offering one of these rewards, the next step is to create an account. The whole purpose of online casinos offering these bonuses in the first place is to recruit more potential customers. Therefore, they want you to fill out an account, including your name, email, and a few other details.

You're not obligated to make a deposit to receive your no deposit bonus. The only potential drawback here is that the casino will send you email offers in hopes that you'll deposit. You can simply unsubscribe to their newsletter if you're not interested after receiving your no deposit reward.

Once your account is created, you'll receive the bonus funds. And you can use this money to play real money slot machines, table games, and specialty games.

Wagering Requirements on No Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos don't just gladly hand over free money. These are businesses, after all, and they use no deposit bonuses as a tool to draw more customers.

The expectation is that you'll try their casino games and later make a deposit. Whether you do this or not all depends on how much you like the casino and if you're willing to play for real money.

You also have a chance to earn the funds from your no deposit bonus too. You must meet wagering requirements, though, before cashing out the money.

This is where the biggest catch comes in with no deposit bonuses, because you often must wager the bonus amount between 70 and 80 times over.

Here's an example:

  • You create a casino account to get a $10 no deposit bonus.
  • Wagering requirements are 80x the bonus.
  • 80 x 10 = $800
  • You must wager $800 to cash out the no deposit reward.

$800 may not sound like much to a serious casino player. After all, it's possible to wager around this much in an hour when betting $1 per slot spin. But you must also consider the house edge and if it’s realistic to assume that you'll be able to cash out the no deposit bonus.

Here’s another example that shows what you're up against when trying to earn a no deposit bonus:

  • You’re playing an online slot with a 4% house edge.
  • You need to wager $800 to get your bonus.
  • 800 x 0.04 = $32 in theoretical losses.
  • $32 theoretical losses – $10 bonus = $22 difference.

The average player won’t come anywhere close to unlocking the reward before they run out of their bonus funds. $5 to $20 isn’t much to begin with in the online casino world. And when you must wager this amount 70 or 80 times over, there’s little chance that you'll walk away with free money.

This is exactly what online casinos want, because the goal is to get you making real bets. And while this isn’t a nefarious plan by casinos, you need to be aware of the reality before diving headfirst into a no deposit bonus.

Casino No Deposit Bonus vs. Deposit Bonuses

The obvious difference between a no deposit and deposit bonus is that the latter calls on you to make a deposit. But these two types of rewards also differ in their wagering requirements.

Deposit bonuses have wagering requirements that are around half of what's featured with a no deposit bonus. A 100% match deposit bonus normally has wagering requirements worth 40 times the bonus amount.

Here’s an example:

  • You deposit $10 to get a 100% match bonus.
  • Wagering requirements are 40x the bonus.
  • 40 x 10 = $400.
  • The $400 that you must wager is half what the no deposit bonus requires.

Most online casinos require at least a $20 minimum deposit. Therefore, you're unlikely to play for a $10 bonus. But we use $10 as a comparison between what you'll have to wager with a deposit reward versus the no deposit variety.

This is nice from the perspective that you can earn free money by betting less overall. But the drawback is that you must deposit your own money and risk more than just your time.

Also note that casinos include a stipulation where you can't make a withdrawal while bonus requirements are still active. If you do cash out before meeting wagering requirements, then your bonus opportunity will be forfeited.

Are Casino No Deposit Bonuses Worth It?

Yes, no deposit bonuses are worth trying for when they're available. Your risk nothing other than the few minutes that it takes to create an account to receive your deposit bonus. If you get lucky and meet wagering requirements, you'll have free money to either cash out or play online casino games with.

The biggest downside to no deposit bonuses is that the average player won't meet wagering requirements before getting their money. Again, online casinos can't afford to just hand out free money to everybody. Therefore, they make it tough to earn and cash out the funds.

If you're already going to play slots and table games anyways, you might as well try for a deposit bonus. You can even go for both a deposit and regular deposit bonus. This offers a perfect opportunity for those who are serious about playing real money casino games.

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